Date : June 13, 2024 12:33 PM
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Best cartoon movies every anime lover needs to watch

cartoon movies

From children’s films such as ‘Frozen’ to adult movies like ‘Avatar’, animation is for people of all age groups. So, if you are a fan of cartoon movies, we bring for you the best cartoon films that you can watch again and again. So, are you ready to find out which ones are the most-watched anime movies?

  1. Inside Out- The first one in our list of top anime movies is ‘Inside Out’. Having moved to San Francisco, young Riley is in a completely new environment. How will she cope up in an unknown place far away from her Midwest town?
  2. Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs- ‘Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs’ still continue to be one of the most loved animated movies. It is the story of an evil queen who wants to be the prettiest woman on the planet. When her magic mirror reveals to her that Snow White is the most beautiful girl, she plots to murder her. Snow White hides in the house of seven dwarfs, is discovered and poisoned, and is finally brought back to life by a prince’s kiss.
  3. Coco- Coco is about a 12-year-old kid who is an aspiring musician. The name of the protagonist is Miguel and he ends up all alone in the ‘Land of the Dead’ looking for his great, great, grandfather. Curious to know what happens to Miguel? You have to watch the movie for it.
  4. Zootopia- Zootopia, another anime classic, has an interesting plot. The cute rabbit police officer and red fox assistance embark on a journey to solve a complex mystery case about the suspicious disappearance of their city’s predator’s inhabitants.
  5. The Lion King- ‘The Lion King’ is an all-time favorite of children, old people, and adults. A retelling of Shakespeare’s ‘Hamlet’, ‘The Lion King’ celebrates the life adventures of Simba after the sudden demise of his father. From melodious songs to emotional dialogues- the movie has everything to make you cry and laugh at the same time.
  6. Up- Up is a celebration of eternal love. After the death of his wife, Carl Fredricksen, 78 years old, decides to visit Paradise Falls alone to fulfill their lifelong dream. Russel, a sweet kid, joins him in his exciting adventure.
  7. Finding Nemo- Nemo pays tribute to a father’s unconditional love for his child. Nemo,a baby fish was taken from the waters of the Great Barrier Reef and imprisoned in a fish tank in the office of a dentist. The way his father rescues him reminds us how a father would go to any extent to protect his children.
  8. Moana- Moana is an amazing story of a young girl whom the ocean has chosen to be the one to return Mother Nature’s relic to her. The brave seafarer has the legendary demigod Maui as her companion. So, will Moana be able to give Mother Nature her heart back?



We hope you liked out list of fantastic anime movies. Finding Dory, Toy Story, Dumbo, Chicken Run, and the Red Turtle are some other movies you can add in your watchlist.