Date : July 14, 2024 7:14 AM
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Ten best series to binge-watch on Netflix on your weekends


Gone are the days of watching shows and waiting for hours or days to find out what happens next. Before Netflix, watching your favorite movies and series without interruptions and advertisements has never been so relaxing. Netflix has a wide range of old and new movies, reality shows, TV series, and web series to entertain all types of audience. So, if you are confused which shows you should watch first, we have compiled a list of most-watched series on Netflix by viewers all over the world. Read our article to know the names of the most popular series available on Netflix.

  1. Peaky Blinders- For admirers of British drama, Peaky Blinders is a true delight. The story is set amidst the backdrop of a significant social change. Well directed, well written, and well paced- Peaky Blinders will take you on a rollercoaster ride through deep melancholies and marvelous highs.
  2. Big Bang Theory- Big Bang Theory weaves the tale about a group of four friends who are science nerds. The entry of a bold and beautiful woman changes their life forever. If you are looking for a comic series to forget your worries, this is the perfect anodyne to all your maladies.
  3. Dark- Dark is a gem in the world of entertainment and a masterpiece in the true sense of the term. From time travel to plot twists, from superb acting to mesmerizing music- it has everything. Dark surely deserves an Oscar and if you haven’t watched it yet, we are not going to give any spoilers.
  4. Stranger Things- Are you a fan of science fiction depicting humans with superpowers and strange creatures. If yes, then Stranger Things is the series for you. This refreshing, fun show starring brave school kids is not only just for children. Eleven, Mrs. Byers, Jim Hopper are some characters you’ll fall in love with.
  5. Money Heist- A Spanish drama, Money Heist is the story of a criminal mastermind, the beloved “Professor” and his team of young robbers who plan and execute the biggest heist of all times in human history. The mind games, plot twists, action, and romance will give you goose-bumps throughout.
  6. The Witcher- The Witcher has a unique theme- an assassin who slays monsters in exchange of money. The gravel-voiced, beefy hero is enough to keep you hooked. So, watch it if you are a lover of fantasy shows.
  7. Star Trek: The Next Generation- Star Trek: The Next Generation is one of the best series on Netflix. It is brilliant and has seven seasons. So, are you ready to support Captain Picard and his Starfleet officers in their space journey?
  8. Derry Girls- Derry Girls is an incredible show about teenagers who navigate the lows and highs of life in Northern Ireland. It is one of those shows that you’ll watch in one sitting.


We hope you enjoy watching the series mentioned-above. Dear White People, Umbrella Academy, Warrior Nun, You, Dracula, Unorthodox, The Midnight Gospel, and Ozark are some other amazing series on Netflix. So, which one are you going to watch this weekend?