Date : April 22, 2024 2:01 AM

Take a look at these fashionable ways of wearing a scarf

scarf for girls

Every wardrobe of a fashion conscious woman should have a variety of scarves as they can turn any look into elegant, beautiful and fashionable. However, due to the lack of knowledge some limit their use of scarves around the neck only. The thing is, scarves can be worn in a various unique ways and make someone look both beautiful and graceful. Here is a list of few amazing ways that should be tried with scarves-

  • The simplest way of wrapping:

When it comes to scarves, the most ideal and simplest ways are to wrap it around the body and keep it in place with the help of a brooch. It helps to create a perfect look when worn with a dress or regular jeans and tees. With just a scarf wrapped around the body, one can look really elegant.

  • Turn it into a skirt:

Are you worried about all those pants you do not wear anymore because they are way too tight? Well, scarves are there for the rescue. Simply by tucking the corners of a scarf in the shape of a triangle, all those tight pants and trousers can be utilized. This look goes really well for casual outing and even for small evening parties with friends. The knots should be visible as they add a texture to the casual outlook. It is a perfect look as beachwear as well.

  • Wear as a belt:

Belts are totally in fashion and belts made of scarves are even more trendy and stylish. Almost all the fashion conscious women know the capabilities of a belt to turn any mundane and simple dress into something stylish and gorgeous. However, did you know that belts can be made of scarves as well? The process of wearing a scarf as a belt is also very easy. One just needs to roll it up and tie the knots in a flaunting way. Medium length scarves can be joined by knots as well to make the belt more thick and elaborate. This look is perfect as a everyday wear.

  • Like a headband:

Scarves do not only help making a mundane dress look elegant. They are the savior for messy hair as well. In order to wear a scarf as a headband, one needs to fold it and make it four to five inches in width. The knots can be made according to preference. Some likes to keep the knots hidden behind the hair while some love to flaunt it in the side. No matter where do you place the knot, the fact is that, a scarf as a headband makes a face look much prettier and graceful.

  • Deck your purse:

Scarves can be used to make the accessories more fashionable as well. For instance, take the example of the purse. Just by knotting a scarf around the handle of a purse, the entire look of the bag can be transformed into something extremely stylish.

There are numerous other ways of wearing a scarf. The best way to discover them is to keep experimenting with it.