Date : April 22, 2024 2:45 AM

Eco-friendly habits all parents should teach their children

Eco-friendly Children

Upbringing plays a dominating role in deciding what type of human being we grow up to be. The values and principles that we learn in our childhood stay with us throughout our life. So, as parents, it is our moral duty to raise a sensible, environment-friendly human being. Here are some simply eco-friendly practices that we all should incorporate in our daily routine and pass them on to our children as well:

  1. Plant trees- Planting trees is a must and we all need to actively participate in it. There are several kid-friendly tree planting workshops that take place throughout the year. You can also take the initiative to plant some big-shady trees in your neighborhood along with your young one and other children in the society.
  2. Take the public transport- If we always depend on our private vehicle for going to office or dropping our child at school, we are making the child depend on private transport. So, whenever possible, take the public transport. Sometimes, it is also a great idea to walk to the departmental store. Another advantage of doing these is that your child will get fitter and become familiar with the route.
  3. Grow your own veggies- When we say ‘grow your own veggies’ we do not mean you must grow all your vegetables at home. Most of us living in cities have very little space for growing vegetables. But growing one of two vegetables like carrot and tomato in the balcony will be a great way to show your child how easy and satisfying it is to watch a p sapling develop from a tiny seed and bear fruits.
  4. Recycle- There are some amazing things we can make with recycled products. For instance, old plastic bottles can be transformed into pen stands or cute planters. Children love art and craft and you’ll find endless number of easy and interesting ideas to use old items and turn them into antique décor pieces. We can also recycle coffee beans vegetable skins to make natural plant fertilizer.
  5. Limit use of plastic products- Whether we like it or not, plastic products are everywhere and they are one of the major sources of pollution. So, each time we go shopping, we can take a jute bag. While buying packaged foods, we can buy in large quantities to limit entry of plastic containers into our home. We need to explain to our kids the importance of doing this.
  6. Use less water- Kids love to spend time under the shower. But, we cannot allow them to waste so much of water and ask them to use a bucket instead.


We may conclude by saying that it is important to practice what you preach. If you want your child to lead an eco-friendly life, you need to be an ideal example for him. Parents are role models to children and they tend to follow our footsteps. So, let us all say ‘yes’ to eco-friendly lifestyle and teach the next generation to take care of the environment for the sustenance of forms of life on the planet.