Date : July 14, 2024 6:24 AM
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Take a look at these apps for students as technological aids

apps for students

Over the last few decades, the traditional education system has gone through several changes and it is going to change even more in the upcoming years. Technology has made this change possible and smooth and definitely technology acts as one of the biggest aids for students to get their education. Let’s have a look at all these apps that a student of the upcoming generation must have in order to have a better learning experience-

  • Evernote:

Gone are the days when one needed to carry a notebook everywhere in order to take classnotes or even carry the research papers along with them. Evernote is an amazing application that stores all that data on your behalf.

This application is extremely helpful for keeping all the information at one place- which is very important when writing a thesis.

For group assignments given from school or college, this application allows the users to share data with their friends easily alongside a chatting facility.

The best thing is that the basic plan for this application is free. So, undoubtedly, every student should have this application on their phone.

  • StudyBuddy:

Well, some of the students cannot move without a little push. These days, finding a true buddy is very rare incident. So, for those students, having an application as a buddy might be an option. This app helps the student to stay focused in their studies showing them how much time they waste in a day which could have been utilized for studying.

Not only that, this application gives reminder time and again notifying about the stretch of a study break. Doesn’t it sound amazing? Well, unfortunately, it is not free. One needs to pay 0.99 dollars for getting this facility at their IOS device.

  • My Study Life:

While, some of the students are just excellent at planning their studying year ahead, some really sucks at it. My Study Life is an application for those students who are bad at planning and it makes study plans on their behalf.

There are several flexibilities in making a routine with this application as well. For instance, one can use rotating routines as well, keeping in mind the activities they might be busy at during some times of the week.

Not only this application makes plans but also sends reminder for classes and events.

  • Office lens:

During the years of study, we generally remain surrounded by loads and loads of documents, papers and god knows what. Even the board work in the classes seems like a mountain. Office lens is an amazing application because it helps to transform such documents into a text format so that it can be shared and edited.

  • SimpleMind:

Finally, this app is for the creative minds to organize their scattered creative ideas and find a pattern in it. It encourages the students to remain creative and helps them find a way to express those ideas in the best form.

In this era of technology, in order to enjoy the best possible learning experience, having these application as technological support is mandatory.