Date : May 24, 2024 12:06 PM
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Take a look at these mobile apps for ensuring female safety

female safety

No matter how much we demand equality among the genders, discrimination is still there as it used to be. In such a world, women still do not feel safe to step outside the house at any time they want. Thankfully, with the rapid progress of technology, it has become easier for women to feel safer than before. Here is a list of such mobile applications, which have been specially designed to work as a shield for women-

  • SpotnSave Feel Secure:

Only a woman can understand how deserted and anxious they feel when they have to get out alone at a odd time of the day. They would feel mentally much secured and safe if they could take someone along with them. Well, even if it is not possible physically, SpotnSave Feel Secure application makes it possible virtually at least. The features in this app allows the users to pre-select some contacts, who will get notified about the location of the user time to time. It comes with a wristband, and one just needs to press the button there in order to send message and alert to the contacts. Now, anyone would feel much relaxed knowing that their near and dear ones are aware of their location.

  • Smart 24*7:

The specialty of this app is the presence of a panic button that helps the user make a call to police by just a simple press. One can call people from their contact list as well.

Well, not all the places have access to good internet connection, right? In that case, this app sends alert and location info via SMS. It also takes photos and audios of the surrounding.

  • My SafetyPin:

Now, many a times we find difficulties choosing the correct pathway which is safer, right? My SafetyPin is specially designed for those situations. It not only alerts the user about an unsafe location, but it also guides the user showing the best and safest route possible. It uses information of the surrounding public transportation option, security etc. and makes decision based on that.

  • Chilla:

Many might question, when facing a danger, not all gets the time to press any button or send alert. So, what then? Well, thanks to Chilla mobile app that can be activated simply by shouting. As soon as someone shouts, this app starts sending alerts to contacts of the users. In order to do this, one just needs to press the power button five times.

  • bSafe:

Finally, bSafe is another wonderful app which acts as a security guard for providing safety to women. There are various features in this app-

  • It has alarm facility.
  • If the alarm becomes activated, this app sends location and videos of the surrounding to the contacts of the user.
  • It has GPS tracking facility.
  • It helps the user to make fake calls to get out of uncomfortable situations.

All the apps in this list, are available on Google Playstore and itunes. So, these are easily accessible and undoubtedly the best friends for women.