Date : April 22, 2024 1:23 AM

Top reasons why you need to travel to Africa

travel to Africa

Africa is a continent that has been touched by varied cultures from different parts of the world, making South Africa one of the few regions on the planet where one can have a wholesome experience. The country sustains its intriguing wilderness and has emerged as a modern tourist destination at the same time. Conservation enthusiasts and photographers from all around the globe visit Africa for its diverse wildlife and striking landscape. If you love to explore beautiful places on the earth, we will tell you why you have to include Africa in your list of upcoming vacation retreats.

What does Africa have to offer you?

Most people visit Africa for climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro or embarking on a safari, but Africa has a lot to offer every type of traveler. Check out our list of Africa’s greatest attractions:

  1. Wildlife encounters- One can never get tired of Africa’s abundant wildlife. Where else can you spot lions in large numbers in their natural habitat? There are also rhinos, buffaloes, elephants, leopards, hippos, giraffes, meerkats, penguins, wild dogs, whales, and hundreds of birds’ species. Don’t forget to buy a DSLR and a pair of binoculars before you start packing your bags.
  2. Tropical beaches- Africa has many gorgeous beaches such as Camps Bay, Skeleton Coast, and Zanzibar that can compete with the most exotic beach destinations around the globe.
  3. Geological wonders- The geological formations of Africa will leave you spellbound. From World Heritage Sites to the world’s second biggest river canyon- Africa if full of natural wonders. Visit the Namib Desert for the most gigantic sand dunes or head straight to Zambia to witness the largest waterfall. The Ngorongoro Crater, the largest unbroken volcanic caldera on Earth, is also present in Africa.
  4. Vibrant cities- Most of us imagine Africa as a wild land inhabited by tribal folks. But, there are several cosmopolitan cities where you can eat at lavish restaurants, stay at world-class hotels, and shop at big malls. Cape Town and Marrakesh are two most famous cities.
  5. Camping opportunities- If you are an adventure lover, you can have the best camping experience in Africa. If you have always dreamt of spending an exciting night in a bush tent in the middle of the forest, Africa is the place for you. So, plan your trip now and get ready for a first-hand experience of the wild outdoors.
  6. Fascinating cultures and tribes- More than 3000 tribes with different languages, traditions, and cultures reside in Africa. Zulu is the country’s biggest ethnic group and Masai is known for its nomadic lifestyle. So, never in the world you’ll find such fascinating communities that have no link with the modern world of today.


Travel enthusiasts in large numbers visit Africa every year and once you are there, you’ll know why. The ideal time to go there is between May and October. Make sure you stay there for at least a week for being able to see the amazing places and rare animals in their natural habitat.