Date : May 24, 2024 1:31 PM
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Have a look at the trending footwear designs for this year

trending footwear

When it comes to fashion, choosing beautiful clothes is not enough. The wardrobe should have a beautiful collection of footwear as well in order to complete the look. Doesn’t matter how simple a dress is, a gorgeous pair of shoes can elevate the look to a completely different level. That is why; for fashion addicts, it is extremely important to stay updated with the trending options in the shoe section. For the fashion addicts, here is the list of the most popular footwear trends of the year-

  • Cowboy Boots:

Boots are the fantasies for almost all the fashion conscious women out there. Well, the trending one this year is the ones in monochrome mode- meaning, black and white. They are available in different lengths- covering the ankles or long ones. So, one may choose according to their taste. However, these are undoubtedly one must have footwear set for women. Any look- whether with blue jeans or something in black and white- can be turned into extraordinary when paired with these boots.

  • Ornate Heels:

Heels decked with gold or silver ornaments are hugely popular this year. They make their own signature. No matter how simple the design of the ornament is, they are more than enough to turn a hundred heads and make any look simply ravishing. They will go perfectly with any western dress options.

  • Square Toe Boots:

Among the boots section, the square toe ones are the most popular ones according to recent trends. The specially made square cut is designed only to capture attention. These simple styles of footwear is trending so much because of the twist in the classic design. These are available in different lengths. The lengthy ones look especially amazing with skirts. The best thing about this footwear is that these are for permanent collection and can be worn on a daily basis as well. That is why; every woman should have one of these in their closet.

  • Kitten Heel Mules:

Well, the taste of fashion changes according to moods as well. While sometimes, a sophisticated look is necessary, sometimes the heart wants to look cute and cute only. Well, for those moments, the kitten heel mules can be just the perfect fit for their extremely cute outlook. The heels are not that high and can be paired with any casual outfit. So, a woman must have such a pair overloaded with cuteness in order for those special days.

  • White Sneakers:

Sneakers come at the first place because of the level of comfort they provide us with. However, the fun fact is that, white sneakers look extremely stylish too. Chunky white sneakers come among the most trending footwear designs of the current year. They go perfectly with long skirt or jeans. On top of everything, they are extremely comfortable so undoubtedly the best choice for a long day outside.

Having the perfect footwear is extremely important because in absence of it, even the prettiest clothes might look dull and incomplete. So, better grab all these trending footwear fashion options because they go out of stock.