Date : July 14, 2024 8:01 AM
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Excellent tips for budget travellers to satisfy their wanderlust

budget travellers

Traveling is relaxing and fulfilling, but also expensive at the same time. So, does this mean you should not travel at least once a year to your favorite destinations? Even if your job does not pay your enough to plan lavish trips, you don’t have to sit at home during vacations. With detailed research and proper planning, you’ll be able to go on a trip to any place without digging a hole in your pocket. We will share with you some great tips to save while traveling. Read the complete article to learn all about budget-friendly tricks to save money on your upcoming trip.

Money saving hacks for budget travelers:

  1. Stay away from travel agencies- If you approach a travel agency, they are going to think about their own profits as well and you’ll have to pay the extra amount. On the other hand, booking hotel rooms and plane tickets on your own will be time-consuming but economic.
  2. Book tickets in advance- Last minute bookings are a big ‘no’ if you wish to save some money of flight tickets. Plan your trip in advance and boo tickets at least three months before the date of departure. You’ll be surprised to see that you can get the same ticket at almost half the price.
  3. Avoid traveling in peak seasons- From food to accommodation- everything is expensive during peak seasons. Monsoon is the best time when you’ll get cheap flight tickets, less crowd, and cheap accommodation in decent hotels.
  4. Stay in backpackers hostels- While newly married couples spend most of their time romancing in their hotel room, it makes sense to stay in a 5 star hotel. But, you are a nature lover and you surely do not wish to sit in your room all day. You can easily stay in a backpackers’ hostel meant for people like you. They are clean, safe, and have all modern amenities you’ll need to make yourself comfortable.
  5. Don’t eat in your hotel- Food is one of the major expenses and we are not asking you to starve yourself. Just don’t eat in restaurants or your hotel and go to local food joints to eat delicious meals at affordable prices.
  6. Opt for ‘free fun’- When we are in a new city we want to explore all of it. Several tourist spots like amusement parks or games at popular stadiums cost a lot. What you can do is make a list of all those places in the city that you can enter without a ticket. Watching the waves or the beauty of mountains at night are some of the most beautiful experiences and they are free of cost.
  7. Travel in a group- Traveling solo is fun but also expensive. So, always travel in groups and from car rentals to hotel rent, everything gets divided. Also, you’ll make a lifetime of memories with your closest pals during the trip.


Follow the above-mentioned tips when you plan your next trip with friends or family to save your hard-earned money. Good luck with your next trip!